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Family Fishing


What better way to create a lifetime of memories with your kids and grandkids than a day on the water, sharing the excitement of catching that first speckled trout or battling to bring in a redfish.

From January through March the fishing is hot for the big 20-60 pound black drum, and although it’s catch and release, the kids don’t mind when they’ve had the thrill of landing one of these giants.

One lady took her three college-age granddaughters out and all four came back with their limit of big reds.  Now the grandsons are demanding equal time.  Captain Ron even gets excited over a trophy gaff top when it’s the boy or girl’s first big fish.  Having taught his own son and grandson to fish, he really enjoys taking kids out, and is patient and enthusiastic.

And husbands, the wife is going to want you to spend more time on the water when she gets hooked on fishing, too.    But watch out, women catch on quickly and she may land the day’s trophy.

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